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About Salt Lake City for Salt Lake City, Utah and Area

When you want to know Salt Lake City, Utah

Overview of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, United States and holds a population of 181 743 citizens. The city is large and spread out which makes it an exciting and adventurous place to vacation or live. As many other cities, Salt Lake City is often changing, from government types to social expectations the system is always evolving, making every trip original. The city is home to great events and climate to enjoy them in; the history of the city is rained through the smiles and the hospitality of the community.

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  • Population: 181 743
  • Population Density: 897/mi²
  • Area: 110.4/mi²
  • Latitude: 40°45?0?N
  • Longitude: 111°53?0?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 4 327
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt lake City, Utah was founded by 143 men, women and two children who were all members of The Church of Latter Day Saints, and were trying to escape judgments and decided to settle in Utah. In 1857 the “Utah War” came to take place between the citizens of Salt Lake City and the American soldiers. The American government didn't like the fact that “polygamy” was being accepted in the community and sent in troops to “keep an eye on” the LDS's and replaced the mayor with a non-member from the Church of Latter Day Saints. This angered the current mayor Bingham Young and he organized a guerilla unit of people to harass the American Troops. After a while of arguing and fighting Salt Lake City gave into the Federal government and history was made.

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Salt Lake City's Demographics

The city of Salt Lake City is a very racial and religiously diverse area which takes pride in the roots of their ancestors. The mass majority of the population is of Caucasian background, as well as Hispanic, Native American, and Asian. The city also has a very high gay population and holds well known events by the names of “Gay Pride Parade” and “Utah Pride Festival.” The city is home to over 39 803 families with an average household income of $36 944 with the city's per capita income of $20 752.

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Salt Lake City's Climate

The city of Salt Lake City, Utah is a great place to spend any part of the year. There is four distinct seasons, which leaves spring and fall being the wettest, summer being the hottest and winter being the coldest and longest. The city receives an average of 16.50 inches of precipitation annually. The city also takes in 62.7 inches of snow annually. The water body of Great Salt Lake is so close to the city that it often produces lake-effects which causes 10% of the cities annual precipitation including snow, and massive rain storms.

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Education in Salt Lake City, Utah

In Salt Lake City there are a number of elementary, middle, and high schools which are all run by the Salt Lake City School Board. The City of Salt Lake relies loosely on different companies for donations for schooling improvements. There is much room to grow in Salt Lake City from k-12 to post secondary. Salt Lake City has got a great education system! Some of the post secondary schooling offered in Salt Lake City is University of Utah, Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College, as well as LDS Business College.

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Transportation around Salt Lake City, Utah

Residents and tourists of Salt Lake City are very fortunate to have such a great transportation system by the city. There are bus and light rail routes both run under the Utah Transit Authority, which assists 53 400 riders every day. The city also offers a wide variety of taxi cab services within the city which can take passengers to their destinations.

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Tourism and Attractions of Salt Lake City

The city of Salt Lake City, Utah is a greatly laid out city with a large area span to hold great event. Tourism has risen since the 2002 Olympics were held in the city, and many people are dying to step foot where their favourite athlete has played, and competed. Some of the most popular attractions in Salt Lake City are the Golden Spike national Historic Site, Lagoon Amusement Park, the Great Salt Lake, Park City Mountain resort, and Snowbird resort.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Salt Lake City
  • North Salt Lake
  • South Salt Lake
  • West Bountiful
  • Woods Cross

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Geography of Salt Lake City, Utah

The city of Salt Lake City has a complete land area of 110.4 square miles. The city experiences elevation throughout the city as well as on the Wasatch Range and the Oquirrh Mountains which are approximately 10 000 feet above sea level. If you depart and travel east or south from the city centre you will notice a severe increase in elevation rising up 1 000 feet from original elevation. The Jordan Lake and Great Salt Lake are also located in the east Bench of the city of Salt Lake City. Found underneath the city is a fault which is estimated to result in a 7.5 earthquake which could flood, and completely sink most parts of Salt Lake City.

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Salt Lake City's Government

Salt Lake City runs their government on a mayor-council system, with one mayor and seven councilors. Both the Mayor and councilors are elected in for four year terms. Councilors are individuals that represent different designated areas in the city, roughly 26 000 people each. The city government had a controversial situation when an openly gay man and openly gay women were voted into the State House, and Senate. The government of Salt Lake City are deeply devoted to 3 major topics, education, transportation, and economic development.

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Salt Lake City's Economy and Industry

The city of Salt Lake City has continued to grow since the day of it's founding and has always had a steady economy. The major industries are government, transportation, and professional services. Salt Lake City International Airport assists in offering many jobs to residents of Salt Lake City at the Delta Airlines. Tourism has come to have a hand in the economic benefit of the city after the 2002 Winter Olympics which advertised Salt Lake City greatly.

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Salt Lake City's Culture and Significant Events

Salt Lake City, Utah is a large city and the capital of Utah. The city tries to take part in and organize different events throughout the year. Some of the most popular and significant events in Salt lake City are Pioneer Day, Days of 47' Parade, the Gay Pride Parade, the Greek Festival, Utah Arts Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, and the International Salt Lake City Marathon.

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Sports in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt lake City, Utah is proud to be the home of the professional basketball team the Utah Jazz who play in the NBA. The city is was also home to the WNBA team the Utah Starzz who have currently moved to San Antonio and are playing as the Silver Stars. The city is currently not home to a professional football team, but the sport of college football has become quite popular over the years, and thousands of fans gather to watch the football teams from the University of Utah and the Brigham Young University rival out on the field. When the time comes for the two teams to play it is often referred to as the “Holy War.”

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Media of Salt Lake City

The city of Salt Lake City has a wide variety of media to meet the informative needs of people in the city. There are four newspapers, 12 radio stations, and six television stations.

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